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Agricultural and Animal Fences

Agricultural fences are used to keep animals in or out of an area. They can be made from a wide variety of materials, depending on terrain, location and animals to be confined. In some places, the height and construction of fences designed to hold livestock is mandated by law .
Historically throughout most of the world, domesticated livestock would roam freely and were fenced out of areas, such as gardens or fields of crops, where they were unwanted. Over time, especially where crop agriculture became dominant and population density of both humans and animals was significant, livestock owners were made to fence their animals in.
The earliest agricultural fences were made of available materials, usually stone or wood, and these materials are still used for some fences today. More modern agricultural fences are made out of wire, barbed wire, electric fence, metal. & vinyl. There are also non-climb options of fence that are designed to prevent animals from climbing or getting caught or tangled in the fence.



The leading electric fence company, Invisible Fence, recommends eight weeks as the general safe age to start slowly training your puppy. It is essential to remember that training requires patience and consistency. Also, the age of the puppy may vary depending on the personality and disposition of the animal. So, one puppy may be ready at eight weeks while another might be ready at nine weeks.


Some puppies may learn early on to ignore the shock they get from running past the invisible line. They may view the escape as a reward for getting past the pain.



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As James Bond would say if this was a Goldfinger movie, shocking! This python had eaten an impala ewe and was trying to go through the electric fence when it was huge python gets caught in a fence and can't get loose 4 years ago; 322; 00; 05; Description: python caught in electric fence australia. by: slip78. Zapped 2

The python on Homer Henke’s fence – From the City Desk. The

Various tales, some taller than others, accompany shocking images of an unfortunate python who tangled with an electric fence and lost So, he installed the MOAEF—the Mother Of All Electric Fences. It is an electrified Howzit, I’m sorry, but this is an African Rock Python and it d after Natal Rock Python caught on a electric fence File information: Filename: mini-themouth1.JPG: Al name: Elapid / Indigenous fangless


Electric Fence - How To Install

The fence controller is underpowered for the condition of the fence being energized (i.e. rain, snow, ice, vegetation, rusty wire, and length of fence). (Refer to "How Electric Fencing
Grounding Instructions: This controller must be grounded. If it should malfunction or break down, grounding reduces the risk of electrical shock by providing a path of low resistance for the electric current. AC line operated controllers are provided with a polarized 2-blade attachment plug for use on a 120-volt circuit. The plug must be inserted into an appropriate outlet that is properly installed in accordance with all local codes and ordinances.
Grounding of this product is provided by a properly installed ground rod electrically connected to the fence controller output ground terminal. An internal fault on an improperly grounded fence controller could result in a risk of high electric shock currents on the electrified fence.
DANGER - For an AC line operated fence controller, do not modify the plug provided with the controller if it will not fit the outlet; have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician. If it is necessary to use an extension cord, use only a polarized extension cord that will accept the plug for the unit. Repair or replace a damaged cord.


Training a Puppy to Use an Underground Fence

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Puppies will be looking for guidance and safety from their alpha.
An underground fence is designed to keep a puppy safely contained within a set perimeter while still leaving the yard open to family members and visitors.


The leading electric fence company, Invisible Fence, recommends eight weeks as the general safe age to start slowly training your puppy. It.
Invisible Fence Training Tips. An invisible fence is one way to ensure that your dog remains within the boundaries of your property.
Underground fencing, also known as invisible fencing, is a discreet choice for keeping your dogs on your property when you are not.
No matter what size they are, dogs need space outside to exercise. You can exercise them yourself, or you can build a.
Training your dog to not roam out of your yard or not to chew on the couch cushions can be a difficult.
Tips on Training Your Pet With the Invisible Fence. The underground dog fence acts as an invisible boundary fence to keep a.


Effects of an AC or DC Currents on the Human Body

The three basic factors that determine what kind of shock you experience are the amplitude of the current, the duration of the current passing through the body, and the frequency.
Direct Currents actually have zero frequency, as the current is constant. However, there are physiological effects during electrocution no matter what type of current.
The factor deciding the effects of the AC and DC current is the path the current takes through the body. If it is from the hand to the foot, it does not pass through the heart, and then the effects are not so lethal.
However DC current will make a single continuous contraction of the muscles compared to AC current, which will make a series of contractions depending on the frequency it is supplied at. In terms of fatalities, both kill but more milliamps are required of DC current than AC current at the same voltage.


Fi-Shock® Electric Fence Chargers

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In the market for a new electric fence energizer? Perhaps you’d like to be more energy-efficient with an AC energizer or solar electric fence charger? Find the right electric fencer for your needs as you browse Fi-Shock®’s versatile line of controllers, including AC, battery powered, and solar.

Which Electric Fence Controller Fits Your Needs?

Your three biggest considerations for choosing a fencer are your power source, the length of your fence, and the type of animal you’re keeping in or out. Please call us at 855-5-FISHOCK if you need help choosing the right charger.

AC-Powered Electric Fence Charger

These chargers plug into standard 110-volt outlets and can provide the best output for your fencing. If you have access to a nearby power source, this type of charger comes highly recommended, no matter what type of animals you need to contain or exclude.